Blissfully simple

Welcome to the most patriotic coffee shop in North America.  Here at Golden Cane, we do our best to bring the highest quality of coffee to you.  We believe that through faith, God and love of country, prosperity comes to all those who believe in the American Dream.  Some people might say, "Hey, isn't it kind of dangerous to start mixing your political ideologies with a moral doctrine of faith?"  To that we say... so anyway...

We know that what makes America great is our commitment to conservative values--keeping things as they have always been and fearing even the slightest elements of social progress.  Because basically, let's face it, the country was absolutely 100% perfect the day that our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence.  Sure, we had slavery and women couldn't vote or hold any positions of power, BUT at least we had our collective faith in God and things were much simpler.  A white man could earn a living at that time without having to worry about having his job taken by an immigrant or losing his scholarship to a person of color. 

Today there is a war on the white, heterosexual, cisgender, Christian male in America.  What ever happened to the war on drugs?  That's who we should be fighting.  White men are being oppressed at alarming rates, and it's our mission to make sure that everyone receives equal treatment and quality products at our establishments--regardless of race.

Our company believes that we can make American great again.  For everyone who supports our Tea Party, the Grand Old Party (GOP) and the National Rifle Association (NRA), we bring this to you.  We appreciate your support.

God Bless,



John F. Smith
Chief Executive Officer