For real though...

How was Golden Cane Coffee conceived?

Through a series of discussions on white privilege, several individuals collaborated to research and assemble knowledge around white privilege into the first white-bean coffee company.

Who is this site intended for?

Any red-blooded, conservative, cisgender, hetero-masculine, probably Christian,  FOX News-watching white man in America who is either too stubborn to admit that he is unaware of his own identity or just doesn't care.

What is the significance of "Golden Cane Coffee" as a name brand?

The Atlantic slave trade dispersed Africans throughout Europe and the Americas--Central, North and South.  In Brazil--where almost 80% of slaves flowed through--the largest economic boom came through the cultivation of coffee, sugar and gold.  "Golden Cane Coffee" refers to those three primary commodities, which are still cornerstones of the global economy to this day.  The US tobacco and cotton production was not factored into the naming obviously...doesn't roll off the tongue, but our textiles are 100% cotton if that seals the reference for you.

Can I really buy a Golden cane coffee t-shirt?

Yes.  One could order a Golden Cane Coffee Co. t-shirt, coffee mug or other items to support a more educated and fair society.  Please sport our brand so you can awaken more folks.

What do proceeds from merchandise go toward?

Twenty-five (25) percent of proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem.  The remaining proceeds are reinvested in the site artist for his food, laundry, tea-addiction, MetroCards, books, oil paints and brushes.

Where can I find more information about white privilege?

The Internet.  Google that shit.

There are plenty of articles and books on the subject:

  • When Affirmative Action Was White--Ira Katznelson
  • The Case for Reparations--Ta-Nehesi Coates
  • Black Stats--Monique Morris
  • The Condemnation of Blackness; Race, Crime and the Making of Modern Urban America--Kahlil Gibran Muhammad
  • White Like Me; Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son--Tim Wise
  • Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?--Daniel Tatum

Why don't more people talk about white privilege or even acknowledge it's existence in the American fabric?

This is an uncomfortable subject to broach with anyone, especially with white people.  It asks people to see what they obviously wouldn't see because they're not a person of color.  Folks would need to be quite open-minded to come to this conversation.  Also, no one likes to hear bad news and to hear that they need to do something to fix the problem--particularly if it is a problem that they don't think they are involved in.  That lack of responsiveness IS the problem.

So what is it that you're asking for?

All that most minorities are asking is for whites to understand--to step outside of themselves and consider how a complex system of discrimination has created conditions that have benefitted them while negatively impacting minorities.  That's all.

as a white person, How can I Help contribute to a more racially just and equitable society?

Just listen and speak up.  That's all.  You just need to be aware of privilege, yours and others.  Be aware of systems of oppression and just know that they rarely effect whites, especially white men.  When a person of color tells a story, be open to listening and don't talk over them.  Create space for them to talk.  The other piece is to speak up when appropriate.  If you find yourself in a situation where something racially insensitive has been spoken, and you find that there is no one in the room of color, will you speak up?  Can you create confrontation?  Even if there is a person of color in the room, but that person doesn't feel comfortable speaking up because in their mind they're outnumbered, will you speak up in their place?  That's what you can and should do.  Thoughts of intolerance anywhere are a threat to tolerance everywhere.