A Wealth of Trust

We pride our company on it's ability to hire people of character and responsibility.  We know our employees are upstanding and forthright partly because we hire from communities with higher net wealth, which means less chances for them to steal from customers or the company.  By having a solid team of quality employees, we value your customer experience.

What's in a Name? 

We consider things such as pronunciation of one's name.  Our customers need to be able to pronounce your name, so we look for simple, traditional and American names to better identify with our All-American branding (mostly biblical).  Please list your preferred name on your resume.

Once a criminal,... always hirable: 

We understand that bumps in the road happen.  For our friends who have criminal records, you are actually more likely to get a call back for a job as a white male with an criminal record than a black male without a criminal record.  So please consider applying!


Affirmative action

We do not adhere to any notions of Affirmative Action with regards to hiring.  As our country becomes more diverse, people should be able to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps by any means necessary.  For any minority or underrepresented candidates to claim that they are somehow being put at a disadvantage just because of their skin is frankly absurd.  America was founded on greatness, work ethic and perseverance.

The playing field is completely even today, so there is no need for special regulations on interviewing minority candidates.  Just imagine if white men had the same treatment as people of color.  

Imagine if whites

  • reserved the best jobs, neighborhoods, schools and hospitals for white people through systematic discriminatory laws specifically targeting African-Americans,
  • or if we received higher income at a rate of 16 to 1 over blacks,
  • or if we benefited from anti-Chinese and Asian Exclusion legislation that haulted Asian immigration,
  • or if we determined that one drop of black in one's blood qualified them as an octoroon Black, therefore excluding them from sitting at the same restaurants, schools, public transit, public parks or even drinking from the same water fountains as whites,
  • or if we created several Naturalization Acts that allowed for "free white" immigrants to gain US citizenship while excluding others,
  • or if we felt validated in their superiority by overt slave patrol clans that have violently terrorized minorities for over a century,
  • or if we passed laws that prevented a black person from being hired if there was a suitable white person to do the job,
  • or if we implemented a system of voter restrictions and unreasonable literacy tests that specifically aimed and succeeded in preventing blacks and minorities from voting
  • or if we established voter laws and provisions that prohibited women, blacks, Native Americans, the poor, prisoners and the homeless from participating in the voting of white men into state or federal office,
  • or if we were grossly under-employing black doctors (4%), lawyers (3.3%), engineers (3.4%) and architects (1.4%) even though blacks make up 13% of the US population,
  • or if we forcibly relocated hundreds of thousands of Indigenous Americans to reservations to make more room for white American land owners,
  • or if we passed a Homestead Act that gave away millions of acres of land to whites for free while discouraging blacks from assuming property rights,
  • or if we instituted state Alien Land Laws that prohibited Asians and other "non-desirable" immigrants from acquiring land, effectively limiting farming to only white citizens,
  • or if we initially created Social Security to secure wealth for millions of predominantly white Americans, while excluded the two professions--agriculture and the service industry--that employed predominantly African-Americans, Asians and Latinos, 
  • or if we implemented a Veterans Bill that helped 98% of whites but only 20% of blacks,
  • or if we used the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to implement restrictive covenants and redlining to systemically segregate blacks and lower the property values of their homes,
  • or if we used property taxes to systemically and disproportionately disenfranchise black and brown schools nationwide because they exist in lower income neighborhoods due to decades of imposed racist housing policies,
  • or if we instated a G.I. Bill that paid for the homes and college education of white military vets but covered only 1% of blacks,
  • or if we funded a prison industrial pipeline that filled 61% of the prisons with blacks and latinos even though they make up only 30% of the total US population,
  • or if we currently had more black males serving time in US prisons than males chained-up during the slave era,
  • or if we instated absurdist drug laws in the 1970s that resulted in the increase of the prison industrial system by over 900% during that span, 
  • or if under racist drug policies we started arresting blacks at four-times the frequency of white arrests even though whites use marijuana reportedly at a slightly higher average  
  • or if we treated sentencing on marijuana possession as heavy as major crimes, disproportionately and intentionally targeting minorities,
  • or if we developed a governmental spy program that specifically aimed to cutdown social justice activists and community leaders through wire-tapping and surveillance,
  • or if we forbade blacks and minorities from attending the same schools and colleges as whites for centuries, and when finally admitted they were still discriminated against through passive policies and underfunding.

What kind of world would this be if blacks and other minorities were able to have advantages like this over whites?  That's complete and utter discrimination that could weaken and disadvantage whites for God-knows how long...  it's just not fair for anyone to do this to me--err, whites just because of the color of our skin.

Gaps in employment history will not count against you [much].  We like to offer opportunities to as many qualified candidates as possible.