We've designed our presence both in your online and actual community to be as pleasant as possible.  You have a good life, so why challenge yourself?  We want your buying experience with us to be as easy as going through our drive thru.  


Urban Revitalization

Who wants to live in a crappy neighborhood?  Although we have many of our laziest citizens living off the government for their free checks, we at GCC believe that neighborhoods can be better.  We are moving into some of the poorest neighborhoods around wherever we start to notice an upswell in young college graduates with higher earning jobs.  This provides a more welcoming commercial presence in an area that was otherwise pretty down on it's luck.  We improve the quality of life wherever we go, one cortado at a time. 

Overall this practice of renewal seems only good for neighborhoods, However we sometimes indirectly and unknowingly cause the rents to rise on families and small businesses.  This can result in occasional displacements of residents who have lived on the same block for decades.  This trend mostly impacts those with lower education levels and living within our larger metro areas like New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington D.C. and Seattle.  We just want to say, our bad, but also, maybe those folks should have worked harder.

Franchise Establishment

While new college graduates living in the slums may be our favorite cup of tea, you will absolutely NEVER see us in the poorest neighborhoods in America.  We follow the money and there just isn't any in those places.  We use a simple method of grocery store location tracking to determine where to set up our franchises.  If a community lacks access to fresh produce and groceries within one square mile, we never consider that area.  This protects you the consumer (from being around poor people) and us the business (from making a bad investment).  If you  do not currently have a Golden Cane Coffee near you but you'd like one, well you should have thought about that before you decided to be poor.

 well Food Deserts (stats on the black populations of food deserts)


Poor people suck.  We are unapologetic for the crime and poverty that exists outside of our suburban and safer urban metropolitain store sites.  So many of these lazy minorities will complain that the white man has kept him down.  We have not done anything to quell the success of blacks and minorities.  The reason they live in poverty has everything to do with being lethargic, not this ficticious oppression that they tell themselves.  It's all in their heads.

It's really ridiculous.  It's like blacks expect an handout.  It's like they think they have any case for reparations.  What they don't understand is that black folks are the reason for their own problems.  If they wanted to get out of lower income neighborhoods, get better jobs and move.  Simple as that.  Or go to a better school.

It's almost like black people and minorities think that white government officials and banks obstructed black home ownership for at least 100 years after Reconstruction, or at least if housing was granted, it was on a rental or sharecropping system that exploited black home owners.  Or they must think that banks and realtors conspired to block black families from moving into white neighborhoods through a system of legally binding restrictive racial covenants for over forty years that forbade physical property to any non-white family forever, even decades after the initial family had moved from the property with no claim to it.  Or it's like they think realtors threatened to strip agents of their realty licenses if they sold a home to a black family in a white neighborhood, and worked with banks to refuse backing mortgages of black families which would mean that black neighborhoods were designed to only decrease--never reinvest--in their property value.  Or it's as if blacks think that if that these discriminatory covenant and banking system were deemed unconstitutional in 1968 (Shelley v. Kraemer), so a fantastical system of redlining was created by real estate companies to prevent whites from moving into brown and black neighborhoods, only deepening the racial and economic divides.  And it's like blacks think that the neighborhood one lives in affects which schools their kids attend, the jobs available to them, their access to grocers, opportunities and resources.  Black people are so narrow in their thinking.

God, Guns and Glory

We put faith in our Lord above, Jesus Christ.  Entitled to carrying weapons under the second amendment.  Any Islamic terrorists better look out.  For more information about the war against white men, Christianity, Republicans and our constitutional rights, visit our new website, Explaining White Oppression.