We started off as a small start-up company in 2005 from the humble idea birthed by two ivy league college students with a mere few shares in Fortune 500 companies.   We noticed that cafes around the world seemed to cater to the intellectual snobs, savants and liberal artisans... your New Yorker crowds.  Why were there no cafes that seemed to stress the importance of clear Conservative American values?  We took on the task.  

On our study abroad trip to London, we came up with idea of offering folks the best quality of American past-times--coffee, sugar, tobacco and alcohol.  All of the goodness of regular cafes with none of the nutritional benefits.

Given that these four king products--with the addition of cotton (which all of our merchandise is made of)--sparked the great Western economy, we decided to invest.  The demand has been and always will be high enough, so we dedicated to supply.  What could be more lucrative than the first legal drugs produced and distributed across the US and global community?

When we say "America," everyone thinks of the same thing: Our savior Jesus Christ, manly Old West cowboys, dinner parties, shiny cities, beautiful homogenous suburban neighborhoods, golden wheat fields, white picket fences, churches, hard work, rock n' roll, country music, baseball, football, shopping malls, NASCAR, Vegas, Hollywood blockbusters, guns, capitalism and freedom to name a few.  That same American exhuberance was at the forefront of our mind.  Our conservative values and inherent fear of change ensures that you will continue to get the exact same level of quality every time you visit.


We strive to give our customers that classic Americana feeling by making our country great again, one cup at a time.  We exclusively deal with the culturally significant and foundational drugs in American history--coffee, sugar, tobacco and alcohol, cultivated in the Americas, both North and South.  We search for the highest quality non-fair-trade products around the Americas to offer you the best price possible, and profits through the roof.  Our conservative values and inherent fear of change ensures that you will continue to get the exact same level of quality every visit.

We deliver quality products and services with that same spirit of hard work and sacrifice that our forefathers exuded to make America great.  That message of work ethic and gratitude for family, friends, blonde-haired and blue-eyed Jesus and good business, we have only you the customer and Lord above to thank for our good graces.  It is this level of self-awareness and authentic identity that allows us to produce profits so carefree, thus giving our customers a pleasant, safely homogenous experience