What would we be without our values?  This is America, and we stand by our core principles.

Hard Work

The American Dream would be nothing without American initiative.  Our company works extremely hard from the top down to give you the customer service and products that you expect.  It is the can-do attitude that allows us to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps, trudging forward.  Critics of our business may think our business practices are "deceptive," "immoral" and "unfair," but try getting rich on coffee, tobacco and sugar without cutting some corners.  Critics suggest that our network of investors through colleges, businesses and corporations and family ties and acquaintances, Other companies don't try as hard as we do.  Period.


We promote a safe environment for you to enjoy your coffee or beer.  However, we know the world is a crazy place with non-Christian extremists, which is why all Golden Cane establishments are "Open Carry Zones."  Feel free to bring in your firearms and blades to come to our rescue if a perpetrator enters.*

*Black customers please be advised that we request you keep your guns concealed, lest you be shot by mistake, you know, because we're only scared when black people have guns.

Diversity and Inclusion

We only include those in our company who exemplify American greatness.  We know that diversity is important, but we also understand that America was not built on laziness.  The American Dream and spirit of discovery tells us that anything is possible if you're willing to work for it.  We are only as strong as our work ethic.  By that measure, we seek to help statistically under achieving populations understand that they must earn their keep.  Statistically speaking, many of our brown communities have cried for government aid for far too long.  I mean, slavery ended in 1865...did no one take history class?  

When did America decide that we would sacrifice quality for inclusion?  We at Golden Cane Coffee hold high standards for our products and our staff.  Thus we hire based on work ethic and drive.  It's the right thing to do.  If we passed up on a good white candidate for a lesser person of color, that would be reverse racism.  If we passed up on a more physically able person for someone with less ability, that would be inefficient.  Efficiency is one of our hallmarks and we stand true to that.

Create Jobs for USA

We create as many jobs as possible in our company for qualified persons.   See our Careers page for more info on how you can be a part of the team.


We always believe giving back to our young minds is an investment in the future.  In line with the long shadow cast by the No Child Left Behind Act put in place during the great G.W. Bush administration, we only put our stores in HIGH achieving school districts.  Since US public schools are funded on property taxes, we know that wealthier neighborhoods will achieve at higher rates than others, and those are the students we want working in our stores.  Policies like this work--just see the table to the right.


Everyone is equal within our company which means that all women and men will be expected to do the same amount.  


We acknowledge that diversity is an important part of our culture, but also that living in a meritocracy is what's best for our country.  Therefore, we hire based on sheer qualifications and ability (We do not hire based on race, sex, gender, religious faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, or nationality).  We hire based on interview performance, likability and that "it" look.  We're therefore quite proud of our staffs with excellently qualified, courteous, capable, mostly white college students.  Golden Cane offers you the best and the brightest.  As long as we're consistent with the demographics of the US Congress (80% White, 80% male and 92% Christian), we're feel that we're doing great.  If people of color have a problem with that, maybe they should apply themselves more.


Golden Cane investors realize that capitalism essentially decides what is (and is not) morally viable in a free economy.  Therefore, you can trust in our business practices to make money for our partners and investors.  Much like our competitor, Starbucks, we do very little of our coffee sourcing through fair trade in order to maximize profits.

We know that what really cripples the economy are not the shady dealings of brokers, investors and banks, but rather the lazy families on food stamps and drug peddlers.  We hire as many well-off people as possible for their moral fiber.  We do not discriminate, but if black folks wish to be more strongly considered, it is not a matter of their race, but their class.  


Golden Cane does not just occupy a town for the sake of making money.  We understand that we become part of the community when we hire local citizens and touch the lives of our neighbors on a daily basis.  This is why we locate our stores in mostly gentrified or homogenous neighborhoods and shopping malls to make partnerships with people we actually like.  We of course love our neighborhood police--some of our most loyal customers, community protectors and coffee enthusiasts.  Our law enforcement professionals are always in the right, and maybe folks would do well to keep that in mind.  Don't give them a hard time because their jobs are stressful.  Behave, please.